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Dental Technology Near You

At Maple Ridge Family Dental, our team acknowledges the numerous advantages that modern technology provides for dental practices. We are proud to offer top-quality dental technology in London to our patients so that they can trust they are getting the most detailed and comprehensive dental treatment available. Contact us to learn more about how we utilize dental technology near you. dental technology in London

dental technology near you

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are a handheld device that captures digital scans and images of your mouth. They are a great tool to help our patients visualize what’s happening in their mouths and help our dentists educate them on their oral health.


Dental lasers help our dentists perform treatments effectively, precisely, and non-invasively. Since the lasers are sterile, they minimize the risk of an infection and reduce the recovery time. Lasers allow you to receive treatment without pain, little to no bleeding, and sound and vibration-free.

dental technology in london